Kate Connolly is one of the few practitioners in Australia who holds professional qualifications in chiropractic, naturopathy and kinesiology.  She is uniquely placed to help you optimise your health.

Kate Connolly

Learn how to Trust yourself in health and life.  Connect to your deeper intuition to learn how to love yourself unconditionally everyday and become everything your soul is calling you to be.

Kate Connolly consults, teaches and leads by example.  Kate has had many struggles and concerns regarding food and health in her life and has suffered from chronic eczema and yo-yo dieting for many years.  Kate also suffered from an eating disorder for about 10 years which severely impacted her sense of self-worth and her health.

Kate’s passion is to help you find your True North.  The Real You.  The Diamond within.  She unlocks the hidden keys to create the changes you want and desire.

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