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6 Step Course with Kate

The 6 Week Course

This is a six week course of one on one phone/zoom sessions with Kate to get you aligned and ready for success.

This is a powerful and transformative process to help you get clear on your path and remove any sabotages for moving forward in your life.

Session 1 – Wheel of life – Connect with your blocks to having it all.  Learn about where in your life you are subconsciously sabotaging the rest.  How far away are you actually from having everything you want?   Discover your patterns stopping your success. Your session includes kinesiology/energy healing to remove these blocks and the allowance of flow to happen.
Session 2 – Learn the art of self love.  How much do you really love, respect and accept yourself?  Are you truly connected to your authentic self?  This session will determine whether there is any part of you that feels cut off, unworthy or unable to have your vibration in alignment with your goals. This session includes a healing session to work through these areas of your life.
Session 3 – Connection with your deep “I”.  Learning what it is you truly want and how to get it.  Learn how to listen to your heart over your head.  Your intuition over your learned patterns.
Session 4 – Checking in with the main relationships in your life – personal and professional and allowing flow to happen between them through the use of kinesiology/energy healing/tips and tools for navigating everyday relationships
Session 5 – Bringing your deep “I” in alignment with the rest of your life.  Bringing in the tools of manifestation and co-creation through kinesiology and energy healing/tips and tools for everyday co-creation.
Session 6 – Integration of all you have learned and shifted into for ease of use in your life.
Each session includes discovery of your blocks as well as healing of them.  There will be homework for you to introduce these new concepts into your life.  This is a dramatic and transformative course only for those who are truly ready for amazing new change for themselves!  There is no true change if there isn’t a vibrational and spiritual alignment with it.  Prepare for everything, expect the unexpected, and watch the dance of life meet you and take you on an amazing journey.

Are you ready to take back your life?

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