Personal Pathfinding

13 Powerful Sessions with Kate Connolly to help you reach your full potential

Kate Connolly will work with you over 13 sessions to help you find the real you.  Help you find the pathway to you reaching your full potential.  Often we get lost.  We cannot see the woods for the trees.  Our lives are totally out of balance.  When you work with Kate she takes you step by step along a path where you start to see clearly who you are and the uniqueness about you.  Best of all she shows you how to go to the top and reach your full potential.

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This is a thorough and deep-diving look at your life, how you’re living it and how you can get closer to living and owning the life you truly want.

This is a powerhouse group of sessions designed to get your completely out of your own way on your path with ease and grace.  You will receive online one-on-one phone/zoom sessions every fortnight over 6 months, you will be guided in transforming your life and held in a space where you can truly work through all levels of sabotage to achieving it.

The 13 Step Programme

Let  Kate Connolly show you how to walk a new pathway to a new you

Week 1 – Discover where you are truly at compared with where you want to be in your everyday life.  Using star charts, questions and a meditation, meet “ideal” you, “worst” you, and “current” you.  Get familiar with them, you can only change if you know truly where you are at.
Week 2 – Getting your body ready to be healthy and to listen to it.  Learn about the value of water, of hydration and the effect on your body and your life.  Learn when you do and don’t have enough and how to keep it balanced everyday.
Week 2 – Getting your body ready to be healthy and to listen to it.  Learn about the value of sleep.  How much do you need?  How good does it need to be?  Why might you not be able to be as rested as you would like?  Learn some valuable tools on this so you can have the energy you need to step into life with gusto everyday.
Week 4 – Getting your body ready to be healthy and to listen to it.  Learn about Exercise.  Not about overdoing, or undergoing it, or following any program (unless it calls to you!).  Learn how to listen to YOUR body’s needs, how to truly look after it, keep it balanced and loved.
Week 5 – Food and eating according to your intuition.  Identifying your triggers.  In order to look after your body and listen to your intuition, you need to learn what aspect of yourself is creating sabotaging patterns.  This is mainly regarding your eating patterns but can be used for any area of your life.  Relationships, work, emotional issues, health.  Find your main sabotaging patterns and use your own personal affirmations in the meditation provided to shift your patterns into a happy and healthy body and life.
Week 6 – Changing your childhood patterns.  The first seven years of your life lay down all your subconscious patterns.  How your family approached healthy eating and a healthy life has affected how you look at yourself and your life now.  Helping to identify patterns about yourself can help you to understand and shift the patterns that may be causing you to sabotage your health and your life as an adult.
Week 7 – Like it or not we are somewhat a result of our environment.  Where we spend our time, who we spend it with.  Learn what parts of your life are causing issues for you and connect with your coping mechanisms.  Are you numbing yourself all the time, or working through your concerns?  Are you burying your awareness or working with it to create a better life for yourself?  
Week 8 – How to connect to your intuitive self.  How often does your lifestyle get dictated out of habit, or others peoples needs?  How much do you actually listen to your own wisdom?  Learn how to start connecting to your deep “I”.  Your inner wisdom, your knowing.
Week 9 – Creating healthy lifestyle habits using your intuition.  Learn how to connect to yourself rather than doing what you think you “should”.  Learn how to prioritise yourself and your needs so that your cup can remain full.
Week 10 – Intermediate intuitive living.  Learn how to incorporate your intuition on a daily basis through all areas of your life.
Week 11 – Learn that life is actually a game!  How you’ve lived your life and the rules that you have previously followed are gone!  Learn how to use your deeper knowledge to truly follow your heart and always keep your compass headed in the right direction.
Week 12 – Biochemical balancing – Learn how to keep your body healthy with information on helpful supplements, eating habits and tips that may help keep your body on track.
Week 13 – Biochemical balancing – Healthy body, healthy mind!  Learn some detox methods that will help keep your body connected to your true self.  That will help you to nurture yourself everyday and stay on track.

Live the Ultimate Life – You deserve to You Know

You can be both a mum and business women. You do not have to miss out on anything in life.

Learn to be intuitive – to be in the knowing and to live  a conscious life

Give Yourself the spices of life

Mother Nature offers everything your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Learn to eat intuitively.  Your body is your temple.  What you give to your body each day in nourishment is what creates your future temple

Be present and conscious when eating or even selecting the foods for your body and mind each day. What you give to your body is what your body will give back to you.

“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
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