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‘The Connolly method changed my concept of nutrition and food not only for myself but for my own patients.
Being a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, nutrition prescriptions for many patients became a list of do’s and don’ts which ultimately lead to many failed attempts and frustration.
The Connolly method transformed this and made space for further self – awareness and self- perception leading to great results in weight loss, skin and overall happiness. 
The Connolly method encompasses the part of us that makes food seem easy, in a world full of calorie counting, processed and sugary foods.’  
Alana Green 
‘Kate has helped my boys and I in so many ways. From dietary advice to emotional wellbeing, Kate is the whole package. My boys call her the magician because she always works her magic on them and helps them with their issues’
Sia Annear
‘The Connolly Method will teach you how to eat intuitively so you never have to diet again!
Dr Kate Connolly has taught me that the answers to all our problems (not just our diet) are found within and I was amazed how easy this really was with the help of Dr Kate.
I highly recommend you try The Connolly Method and finally put an end to the never ending dieting cycle.’ 
Lyndall Green (Leongatha VIC)