I Help You Find the Power Within

 Accessing your body’s innate wisdom to find answers to questions and answers to creating change in your life.
My Mission:
To is empower you, to help you find the true you and help you walk your authentic path
To be happy with who you are the person and the body your soul lives within both spiritually and physically


Kinesiology connects directly with the subconscious mind.

Sessions work specific health, emotional, mental or spiritual issues.

Initially there is a three session commitment.


You can join my 6 step Personal Pathfinding programme.   The unlocking and unblocking process.

Have you ever felt blocked and locked.  You can’t see the woods for the trees.  Your life is one constant battle of ups and downs.  One minute feeling drained and depressed the other on a roller coaster of mood swings.

Tired of being judged or aiming for a body and image that will fit in to what the majority say is right.

This programme is a powerful programme that help you take back your power, connects you back to the passion in your life and moves you to the uniqueness of you.

No Matter if you have one session, two or my Personal Pathfinding 6 step programme.  You will leave feeling connected and with a deeper understanding of your mind, body and spirit.

My sessions combine various Kinesiology techniques and other modalities to create unique and powerful transformational sessions.

I work on a model of self responsibility and self healing. I love working with clients who are ready to make positive change, who are not willing to settle for second best and know they are ready for a deeper connection to good health on all levels of self.

When a person is ready to take responsibility of their life and their future there is immediate transformation.  I am here to guide you.  You are here to open the door.


Increased energy toward your life
Improved immunity
Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods
Improved sleep patterns
Posture aligned
Gain a sense of direction and purpose
Understand yourself on a deeper level
Mental clarity and focus
Greater physical performance
Self confident
A feeling of lightness and ease


Chronic and Acute Injury
Stress Management
Anxiety/ Chronic Sadness
Digestive Problems
Immune Imbalances- Food Intolerances, Auto-Immune Conditons
Emotional Unease
Disconnection from Purpose
Learning Difficulties
Lung Conditions
Skin Conditions
Low Energy
many more…


Originally discovered by the distinguished Harvard Medical School almost a century ago, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that chiropractors in America developed it into a diagnostic tool, which is still used by many chiropractors today.

Kinesiology is an energetic therapy that accesses your (sub) conscious via the art of muscle monitoring. Muscle monitoring allows imbalances and/or stress within the body to be identified; be it structural, bio-chemical, emotional or energetic.  Through the use of a variety of individualised, non-invasive techniques including acupressure massage, light touch, chakra balancing, energy work, nutritional support, body work and specialised visualisation, the areas of stress are brought back to balance and the body’s natural healing mechanisms kick in. Essential oils, nutritional advice, relaxation techniques, affirmations, exercise and stretches may be advised as home reinforcement and to allow you an active role in your healing journey.

Kinesiology offers us the ability to synergistically and wholly transform our lives looking at every aspect of our self – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Are you ready to take back your power in mind, body, spirit and health?

You Have Choices

  • You can work One on One
  • You can join my 6 step Live the Ultimate Life Online Course
  • You can join my 6 step Balance and Empowerment One on One
  • You can join my 13 step Personal Pathfinding Online Course
  • You can join my Monthly Inspiration, Motivation and Education

I know I can bring out the best in you and help you reach your full potential.

What is Personal Pathfinding

13 Week Online Course

Balance and Empowerment Course

13 Week One on One Course

Monthly Inspiration

One on One

Are you ready to do something about your life today?

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