Who is Kate Connolly

Kate Connolly has a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University as well as a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.  She is also a certified Applied Kinesiologist and a qualified Naturopath.  Kate has done many Energetic Healing courses and uses all of these skills with her current clients.

Kate has had many struggles and concerns regarding food and health in her life and has suffered from chronic eczema and yo-yo dieting for many years.  Kate also suffered from an eating disorder for about 10 years which severely impacted her sense of self-worth and her health.

“As one of the few practitioners in Australia who holds professional qualifications in chiropractic, naturopathy and kinesiology, I’m uniquely placed to help you optimise your health.”

She came to the conclusion in her early 30’s that this constant looking outside of herself for the answers was just making everything worse.  She tried every diet, every theory and did thousands of hours of research into all the different “diet theories” out there.  The conclusion:  The only person that could tell her how and when to eat was her.  She realised that most of her issues surrounding health and eating were to do with her emotional state and her “self-talk”.  As she improved her sense of self and did many healing sessions on her emotional health, her body also started to heal.

“We are all our own personal health and wellbeing gurus.  When we can tune into our own bodies on a daily basis with clarity and understanding, our bodies have no choice but to be at their optimum.  We need to be given the tools to allow us to listen to and love our bodies unconditionally.  Everyone can be exactly how they dream they can be, we just need to be shown the way.”

“Everyone can be exactly how they dream they can be,
we just need to be shown the way.”

“Let me help you reach your full potential and allow the diamond within shine

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